Lemsolv Industrial – Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser

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A truly powerful product that rapidly removes heavy oil, wax, grease and lubricants.

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Precision Cleaning Citrus based Solvent

A solvent based precision cleaner that removes heavy oil and grease from electrical motors and precision components.

Lemsolv is an excellent general purpose degreaser and bench top cleaning solvent. Can also used effectively as a flux remover on PCB screens and jigs.

  • Residue Free
  • High Solvency
  • Critical Cleaning
  • 57°C Flash Point
  • Excellent general purpose solvent degreaser
  • Reasonably fast drying
  • Excellent solvency (60 kV).
  • Dries film free


Oil tanks, Equipments, Work surfaces, Chains, Machinery, Floors, Engines, Hand tools, Power tools, Parts, Components, Water plumbing, Grease traps, Marine equipment, Lifts and hoists, Exhaust hoods, Printing presses, and much more.

LEMSOLV – Safety Data Sheet – SDS

LEMSOLV – Sales Sheet


Specific Gravity 0.90
Biodegradability 54% (BOD/COD 20 day ratio)
pH 7.0
Viscosity Non-viscous
Flash Point 65°C (not classed as flammable for transport)
VOC Content <20%
Insulation resistance
1.5m Ω


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1L, 5L, 20L

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