Rydlyme is specifically designed to dissolve the toughest water scale, lime, mud and rust deposits from virtually any piece of water-based equipment. 

This powerful, yet totally safe, liquid descaler is non-toxic, non-injurious, non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and biodegradable, so Rydlyme will not harm your personnel, equipment or our environment!

Rydlyme has a unique formula, created in 1942, compose of  a mixture of 100% biodegradable wetting and penetrating agents to actually dissolve deposits into solution, like sugar in coffee.

Rydlyme is the “World’s Leading Biodegradable Descaler”.


Water scale, lime, mud and rust deposits are serious problem for virtually all industries who use water as an integral part of their manufacturing and heating/cooling processes. 

Once the water-based equipment or systems become fouled with scale, efficiency decreases, energy costs increase and the useful life of equipment is diminished.

Failure to address water scale problems in a timely manner runs the serious risk of costly equipment or system shutdowns, repairs or even replacement.


The periodic use of Rydlyme will dissolve calcium deposits restoring efficiency, conserving energy, extending the equipment`s useful life and reducing the risk of costly repairs, replacement or plant downtime.

Using Rydlyme as an integral part of your preventive or predictive maintenance program, allows equipment or systems to be cleaned without labour intensive dismantling or removal. 

Some systems can be cleaned on the run and without shutdown. The maintenance can be performed by utilizing your own personnel, eliminating costly additional outside expenses.

Flushing System Available


You can dissolve a sea shell in your hand without injury!

RYDLYME is the ONLY product of its kind that is truly non-toxic and non hazardous! Unlike other chemical descalers and traditional harsh acids, RYDLYME descaler can be safely handled by personnel and there are NO transportation or handling restrictions!

It can be safely disposed of in normal plant sewers, even in the case of an accidental spill at full-concentration!




Still can’t believe that Rydlyme was developed exactly for your cleaning challenge? Take a look at the videos below about real-life applications that have led to outstanding results.


Though the active ingredient is HCl, there is less than 10% of the acid, and it’s only one element of the overall formula. Couple this with the special way it’s blended, and you have a nice balance of safety, biodegradability and effectiveness. That’s what makes RYDLYME so unique and why similar products fall short.

There is no need to worry about hydrogen embrittlement. When used properly, RYDLYME’s unique formula will not corrode stainless steel or virtually any metal or material associated with water-based equipment.

RYDLYME  is a powerful and concentrated descaler. Depending on the application, severity of buildup and available time, RYDLYME  can be diluted down to 25% while still maintaining its full effectiveness. To find out the proper dilution ratio for your specific application, please Contact Us.

Though most cleaning applications can be completed within a few hours, actual cleaning times depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the equipment/system, severity of buildup and method of circulation. Contact Us for an evaluation of your scaling problem and equipment to determine the proper amount of RYDLYME  and circulation method that should be used.

In addition to experiencing improved performance, you can perform either a calcium carbonate spot test or pH test. These tests are explained in detail in our Testing the Effectiveness of RYDLYME information sheet.

Look at those videos again. Are they dropping the shell into a container or palm of their hand? As previously mentioned, the safety element of RYDLYME is unmatched. You can put it in your hand or equipment without harm. Also, have an added piece of mind that you, your personnel and facility are safe in the unfortunate event of an accident, such as a spill or equipment failure.

Yes! RYDLYME is NSF/ANSI Standard 60-certified, meaning it is approved as a safe drinking water treatment chemical. It is also NSF-registered for use in industries such as beverage, pharmaceutical, bottling and food processing plants.

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