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Testing the effectiveness of RYDLYME & RYDLYME MARINE.

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Testing the effectiveness of RYDLYME during a cleaning can be performed easily.

You need a simple calcium carbonate spot test of the circulating solution.

Perform these tests at regular intervals during the cleaning process.

Also, monitor the liquid volume in the circulating container because as deposits are dissolved, total volume of the system will increase which may lead to pump cavitation.

If cavitation occurs, add more solution to circulating container until adequate volume is reached.

If sudden loss of volume occurs, check for leaks or proper isolation of the circulation.


The calcium carbonate spot test is performed by simply having a sample of the circulating solution come in contact with a form of calcium carbonate.

Observe the reaction of the RYDLYME solution on the calcium carbonate.

If foaming and bubbling is observed, the solution is still active.

If there is little or no reaction, the solution is expended.

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