Bio TA – Oil Stain Remover – Tarmac & Asphalt

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Oil Stain Remover – Tarmac & Asphalt

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A new approach: a biological oil stain remover that rapidly removes and digests oil stains from tarmac and asphalt.

Containing a blend of biological enzymes and bacteria to digest oil stains to completion, Bio TA penetrates and lifts oil stains and will not degrade tarmac and asphalt surfaces.

Perfect for driveways, patios, paths, roads and carpark surfaces. Biological & Biodegradable. Tarmac friendly.

100% natural

  • Biological solution that digests oil into harmless CO2 & water

Powerful & effective

  • Fully removes oil stains


  • Compatible with both Tarmac and Asphalt

Surface safe*

  • Will not erode and break down surface structures

Easy to use

  • No mixing of hazardous chemicals


  • Rapidly removes & digests oil stains

Environmentally friendly

  • Biodegradable – safe for the environment


Asphalt, Tarmac, Bitumen, Driveways, Pathways, Paths, Carparks, Forecourts, Roads, Patios, and much more.

BIO TA – Safety Data Sheet – SDS

BIO TA – Sales Sheet


Bacterial count 2.0 x 10⁷ cfu/ml
VOC Content
Specific Gravity 1.01
Flash point >93°C
pH approx. 8.0
BOD 5 days 1,800,000 mgs O/L
BOD 20 days 3,200,000 mgs O/L
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1L, 5L, 20L

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