The dangers of Hand Sanitiser on Prisons...

With many prisons using hand sanitiser as part of their daily routines, it’s important to remember these products should be treated with extra caution.

Most alcohol-based sanitisers contain upwards of 60 percent alcohol content, can be enough to make a toxic home brew or start fires. For this reason, alcohol-based hand sanitiser was considered contraband inside prisons.

Alcohol-based Hand sanitiser is a highly flammable product, it should be kept away from any type of open flame.

Worrying news about alcohol-based hand sanitiser:

Prisoners charged after getting drunk on hand sanitiser at Waikeria Prison

Newstalk ZB can reveal almost a dozen prisoners were charged with misconduct after allegedly getting drunk at Waikeria Prison this year….

read the NZ HERALD article

Prisoners hospitalised after drinking hand sanitiser for alcohol content

Prisons stopped supplying alcoholic hand sanitiser to prisoners after three convicts used some to make moonshine and “caused mayhem” at a Limerick Hospital…

read the Daily Star article

Hand sanitizer is considered contraband in some prisons around the country

Hand sanitizer has long been banned in most prisons due to its alcohol content, based on fears that inmates would drink it or use it to start fires…

read the CNN article

Prisoners get drunk on hand sanitiser

Three inmates added a powdered fruit drink to the alcohol and then drank the brew…

read the ECJ Journal article

Tips for safe use of hand santiser:

  • Preferably use alcohol-free hand sanitiser.
  • Look for hand sanitiser that has foaming formula to avoid fires.
  • Keep hand sanitiser out of reach of children at all times.
  • Hand sanitiser is for external use only.
  • If ingested, you should seek medical attention immediately.
  • Keep hand sanitiser away from any open flame.
  • Stop using hand sanitiser if it causes skin irritation.
  • If ingestion is suspected, call the Poisons Information Centre immediately on 13 11 26 (24 hours a day) to seek urgent medical advice.


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